All Five Congressional Districts in Oklahoma Go to Republicans

by christiannewsjournal

Republican voters in Oklahoma can breathe a sigh of relief as all of Oklahoma’s Congressional Districts’ positions will be Red. The party was able to win reelection and flip the 5th District position in which everyone had their eye on. The total number of votes Republicans received was 980,306 out of all of the districts combined; Democrats received 463,360.

Meet your five GOP winners:

Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District (R) Kevin Hern

Kevin Kern holds his position, winning the general election on Nov.3 he dominated Democrat Kojo Asamoa-Caese. The total number of votes was 335,471, of which Kern obtained around 213,700 (63.70 percent) of the total number. He beat his opponent by 31.02 percent — giving him the majority. It wasn’t even a tight race as he plowed through with most voters having confidence in him yet again. Kevin Hern was sworn into Congress on November 13th, 2018 serving the remainder of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine’s term. Kevin and his wife Tammy live in Tulsa and have three children. They are members of the Church at Battle Creek.

Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District (R) Markwayne Mullin

Republican Markwayne Mullen maintains his standing as representative, dismantling Democrat Danyell Lanier by collecting a total of 216,511 votes. Lanier only got 63,472, which was only 22 percent. She received the second to last in the total number of votes. Mullin is an eastern Oklahoma native, successful businessman, rancher, family man and youth leader in his church. The youngest of seven children, he was raised in the small Adair County town of Westville.

Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District (R) Frank Lucas

Congressman Lucas

Incumbent Frank Lucas and Ranking Member held his position in the 3rd District. The Republican Leader of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology for the 117th Congress delivered a devastating defeat to Democrat Zoe Midyett, obtaining 78.5 percent from voters– a total number of 242,677 votes. Before his service in Congress, Lucas served for five and a half years in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. The Lucas family belongs to the First Baptist Church in Cheyenne.

Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District (R) Tom Cole

Another fantastic success for Oklahoma is the win by incumbent Tom Cole, who keeps his position for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. Cole strategically defeated Democrat Mary Brannon by a wide margin of around 39 percent –giving him 149,227 votes.

He is the second longest-serving Congressman behind 3rd Congressional District’s Frank Lucas. Cole is an advocate for a strong national defense, an advocate for small businesses, and a leader on Native Americans and tribal governments’ issues.

Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District (R) Stephanie Bice

In probably the most critical Republican victory, Stephanie Bice’s win over Democrat Kenra Horn in the general election put an end to an Oklahoman Representative siding with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  

Bice won the election by 4.2 percent over incumbent Democrat Kendra Horn. She tallied in over 158,191 votes gaining her the victory over the radical Horn. What is particularly interesting about her win is Horn is the only Democrat Representative in Oklahoma. Bice’s success means Republicans will take back control of the Oklahoma City-area district after Horn flipped the seat in 2018, becoming the first Democrat to win it since the 1970s. 

A pro-life conservative, Bice has been endorsed by Oklahoma Right to Life and has maintained an A-rating from the National Rifle Association. She is a member of St. Eugene Catholic Church in Oklahoma City.

-Written and reported by Chris Welch

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