AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘Allowing Males to Compete in Women’s Sports Will Mean the End of Women’s Sports’

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In a letter to the Mississippi Senate, Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, wrote, “Everyone can appreciate a game well played, but no one likes a game of cheaters. That’s why I am asking you today to vote for The Mississippi Fairness Act (SB 2536): a bill that will keep bullies and cheats from ruining women’s sports.”

Wildmon pointed to a level playing field, and how, at its best, sports are a venue for human excellence and an opportunity to celebrate the designed uniqueness God has given to mankind. At its worst, sports become about winning at all costs – even if that means cheating. 

“Even if you’ve never played on a sports team or can’t throw an opening pitch, I believe we can all agree there’s something special about having a level playing field,” said Wildmon. “This is about men who on a particular day decide they are actually young women and show up to compete at a sports event. They didn’t have to train as hard as your daughter and as men, they have a natural advantage: larger hearts and lungs, bigger muscles, more testosterone. They crushed your daughter’s dreams of winning. The message: just being me, no matter how hard I try, is not good enough.”

This situation is happening in real-life all around the country. It is about to happen in Mississippi, if citizens and legislators don’t act by deadline day, February 11.

Wildmon referenced examples from other states for the Mississippi Senate to consider:

  • In Connecticut, two biological males captured 15 women’s state championship titles, set 17 new individual meet records, and deprived females of over 80 opportunities to advance in competition in the 2017-19 seasons alone.
  • In one year, 275 high school boys ran faster times than the lifetime best of World Champion sprinter Allyson Felix. Even the world’s best female Olympic athletes would lose to literally thousands of boys and men on any given day. That’s the reason we have women’s sports as a separate category.
  • As a college student in New Hampshire, CeCe Telfer, a biological male who identifies as female, dominated the NCAA Division II National Championship in the 400m Hurdles. Telfer actually improved in several track and field events after a year of testosterone suppression. Prior to identifying as a woman, Telfer ranked 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017 among NCAA Division II athletes in the men’s division.

“In sports, biology matters,” wrote Wildmon. “Biological differences between the sexes are the reason we have women’s sports. When we ignore biological reality, women get hurt. Allowing males to compete in women’s sports will mean the end of women’s sports. We will have men’s sports and co-ed sports. That isn’t the level playing field women deserve.”

Wildmon asked the Mississippi Senate to also consider that 96 percent of female CEOs played competitive sports. Limiting women’s opportunities on the playing field, suggested Wildmon, will lead to limiting opportunities for scholarships and for jobs.

“The Mississippi Fairness Act is not only the right thing to do, it is supported by Mississippi voters,” urged Wildmon. “Seventy-nine percent of registered Mississippi voters, including 87 percent of Republicans, support this legislation, according to polling by Mason-Dixon.

“Finally, The Mississippi Fairness Act doesn’t violate a single NCAA rule and it won’t lead to a loss of federal money for any school. The NCAA’s policies are permissive on this issue, allowing males to compete on female teams, but not requiring it. In addition, an Obama-era ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ trying to force such unfair policies on the states was enjoined by a federal court in 2016.”

Wildmon explained that Mississippi voters, women and girls want The Fairness Act. “It is the right thing to do,” he concluded. “The Fairness Act will protect women, save Title IX and uphold the integrity of high school and college sports in Mississippi. I strongly urge you to vote Yes on SB 2536 and send this important piece of legislation on to the House.”

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