ACLJ’s Bald Beagle Helps Kids Understand Voting with New Episode, “What is the Electoral College?”

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Are your kids curious about voting? Bald Beagle, an exciting new educational entertainment channel for kids, provides some answers in their latest episode, “What Is the Electoral College?” Bald Beagle is the creation of The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) creative team, made up of dynamic writers, performers, and creators whose credits include entertainment giants like Disney and Nickelodeon. 

What Is the Electoral College?” Episode Summary: Your parents are going to vote next week for the President of the United States. Maybe they have already early voted! But how does voting work? As the superhero U.S. Amy says, ‘Some states are big, some states are small. The Electoral College makes it fair for them all!’”

“With less than a week to go before the Presidential election, we thought it was important to break down to kids, and some of us adults, what the Electoral College is and how it works,” says Logan Sekulow, ACLJ’s Director of Media. “It likely will be a major talking point around the dinner table, and we are here with a 7-minute puppet-led explanation. This episode of Bald Beagle also premieres our patriotic superhero, U.S. Amy, who shares with us an easy-to-remember jingle about the Electoral College.” 

Featuring puppets, cutting-edge animation, music and more to connect with young audiences, Bald Beagle offers short-form videos designed to make kids smile, sing, and laugh while also teaching them about our country’s important and often inspiring history. Bald Beagle also presents lessons of faith and the moral principles that our nation was founded on – principles so many of us still share today.

Bald Beagle is a place for kids to find engaging, educational entertainment that illustrates the great – and sometimes complicated – history and principles of these United States we are blessed to call home. From the Founding Fathers, to how government actually works, to what they, even as kids, can do to protect and preserve our constitutional republic. Moms, dads, and grandparents can rest assured that their kids are being taught fundamental truths – not being exposed to some extreme, subversive agenda – through high-quality content that can compete with the best children’s entertainment that television, streaming services, or the internet have to offer.

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