A New Online Monthly Subscription Club for Believers Launches

by christiannewsjournal

In a year that has presented high levels of personal and financial uncertainty, a growing number of Americans have relied on their persistent faith to guide them through this challenging year. Today we find ourselves in a world affected by an ongoing Global Pandemic that has challenged our beliefs and overall lifestyle. Amid overwhelming confusion and uneasiness that has consumed our well-being, one company built an online platform intended to spread positivity and hopefulness through the sacred values forged in faith. 

Formed together by two successful Christian entrepreneurs, Trent Fikes and Colin Wayne, The Dollar Faith Clubis an online monthly subscription service that serves its members with several perks, including access to weekly deals, exclusive faith-based products.

This includes apparel to customized steel wall décor, and a growing list of resources focused on providing support for those in need. One of their main missions is to help raise funds by donating a portion of proceeds to various Christian Non-Profit Organizations. The pair also created a VIP Group on Facebook for its Members, allowing them to interact with like-minded individuals and give them the opportunity to speak freely and openly about their faith. 

Despite the company launching in October, the club quickly amassed thousands of subscribers within a few weeks, largely due to the popularity and consumer trust gained from the existing companies both Trent and Colin currently own. Trent, a devout Christian, is the owner and founder of another Faith-based company in Alabama known as Eternal Light Co. Following a horrific injury in 2014 that left Trent unconscious for nearly an hour, he let go and let God take control over his true calling in life. His mission to give back and build a reputable Christian brand that glorifies God has allowed him to impact his customers’ lives in ways he never imagined. With a percentage of proceeds on every order donated to charity, Eternal Light continues to impact families and communities all across the country every day. 

Meanwhile, Colin Wayne, a decorated Army Veteran, is the Owner and CEO of the largest Customizable Steel Manufacturing company in the country – Redline Steel (http://redlinesteel.com). Mr. Wayne is no stranger to adversity either, following a near-death experience during a Rocket Attack in Afghanistan. After being told he may not ever walk again, Colin turned to God and his devotion in faith to help him remain grounded and stable following his return home in 2012. As a Veteran Owned and Operated business, his company, Redline Steel does not shy away from incorporating Christian values within their mission statement. Apart from offering an extensive Faith-based collection on their website, the company prides itself on putting People over Profit. In addition to the company’s recent partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations such as: Midnight MissionHabitat for Humanity, and The Olivia Hope Foundation, earlier this year, Redline Steel began a “Giveback” initiative that concluded with over 4 million dollars in product donations to Healthcare Professionals, Essential Workers, and First-Responders across the country. 

Between a shared connection through Christ and their belief in the good of humanity, Colin and Trent created a close bond that grew from a simple friendship into trusting business partners. The Dollar Faith Club continues to trend all across social media and the increased exposure has continued to attract thousands of people every week, that have helped provide them with lasting hope in these dark times. As the scripture tells us, “There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off” – Proverbs 23:18.

Focus not on how we finish this year, for we shall trust in Him to fill our life with hope, faith, and eternal love. Let go and let God turn your worries into blessings. 

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