8 Key Organization Tips for Working at Home

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The spread of COVID-19 has kept people at home. With numerous countries on lockdown, governments and employers are calling for people to work from home where possible. In case you are new to this arrangement or you have found a job that requires you to work remotely, there are things that you need to change to be productive.

When it comes to working from home, you have a lot to figure out such as what time to work, where, and how to strike a balance between work and personal affairs. You also have to maneuver through how to build your career, develop strong relationships with workmates, and when to take part in training opportunities. Try out these eight organization tips to enhance your output:

1.      Designate a workstation

Working from your couch or dining room table is okay. The truth is that you will not be as effective as you would be when you work in a home office. When you have ample space, you can convert a whole room into an office. However, when the space is limited, you can design your workstation in one corner of the most spacious room that you have. When designing your workstation, you need to create enough space for your office accessories. You can achieve this by adding Ready-to-Assemble CabinetsThese cabinets are durable and will make your office look stunning. You also need to get a good desk to crown your space. For a large space, you can select the Modern L-shaped office desk. The Omnidesk Pro 2020 would be ideal for a small office. When it comes to selecting a chair, you must go for the one that meets the ergonomic criteria.

2.      Develop a work plan

Once you have set up a functional space, you need to figure out how you will be spending each day. When you have a schedule, you can plan your day better. A schedule will also help you strike a balance between your work and personal life. During the set working hours, you should focus on the work-related duties alone. When you are off the clock, you should turn off any work notifications and prioritize your personal affairs.

3.      Have a task management plan

You should have a well-laid down routine of how you handle tasks throughout the day. This approach will help you stay organized given that you know what tasks need to be completed by the end of the day. You should leave room for miscellaneous activities such as urgent tasks, emails, and unexpected phone calls.

4.      Create household rules

Working from home requires that you have a lot of discipline. You must instill the same discipline in the people that you live with. This tip is necessary if you have children in your home. Making everyone aware of your working hours enables you to have a work environment free of distraction.

5.      Switch off notifications

Social media notifications have the potential to distract you while you work immensely. Therefore, you should silence your phone as you work or install a social media blocker. You should spare a few minutes during your breaks to catch up on personal messages on your social media. When you minimize these deviants, you can focus on your work better.

6.      Clean off work hours

Working from home necessitates that you have clear boundaries between your work and household responsibilities. Performing minor chores such as cleaning dishes, cooking, and vacuuming seem benign but it takes a lot of time off your working hours. To be organized means that you set aside time to conduct these chores without interfering with your work.

7.      Take breaks

It helps to take breaks between tasks to recharge your energy. At an onsite workplace, you would normally have lunch breaks and additional short breaks while you work. You need to incorporate the same breaks while working from home. During these sessions, you could move around the house to stretch, grab lunch, or a cup of coffee. These breaks will leave you invigorated. Your productivity will also be enhanced.

8.   Leverage the technology at hand

From task planning and time tracking to sharing information, make sure to use the technology to stay more organized, and productive. For instance, if your job revolves around sharing information with your team back and forth, it’s advisable to leverage software, such as Massive, for instance, to send large files, in a practical way that requires no special training.


Working from home is the new normal. Allow these eight tips to help you enjoy the benefits of working remotely.

-Written by Nora Price

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