5 Top Tips for a Healthy Lockdown Routine

by christiannewsjournal

With all the anxiety surrounding this lockdown period, maintaining a healthy routine is paramount. Not going to work or school means there is a lot of time in our hands that if not well utilized can lead to unhealthy routines. Just knowing that you do not have an early commute can lead you to stay up late and miss some hours of sleep. While this might seem harmless at first, you will slowly become lethargic and non-productive. Your days will lack a good structure and you might feel less accomplished by the end of the day. To avoid anxiety, create a healthy routine with the following tips.

1.         Maintain your normal routine

It might be a struggle to maintain your normal routine but it is paramount that you try to have one close to it. It is important that you create a sense of normality in your day; familiarity will make you feel secure amidst all the anxiety and worry. The best place to start is your sleeping and waking time. Ensure that you are winding up your day at the usual time so that you can have enough sleep. Wake up at your usual time and start your morning routine, then decide on how to structure your day. Set aside the time that you are most productive for work, and fill the rest of the day with healthy things to do. Be sure to incorporate the little things that are usually in your day such as listening to an audiobook and try as much as possible to do them at your usual time.

2.         Fill your free time with healthy activities

To make sure that you are making the most out of your free time during the lockdown, find healthy habits to fill this time. You can use the time for a hobby or fun activity. This is the time to be creative, make a painting for your home or knit a blanket for your sofa. Start a vegetable garden, or if you don’t have enough space, start one indoors. You can also use this time to learn a new skill online or try a new recipe. Better still, make an extra dollar by doing online jobs. A good example is becoming an online translator if you are multilingual. Consult a translation company for any job vacancies. You can also use the translation company to learn a new language to grow your language portfolio.

3.         Stay healthy

With gyms and workout classes closed, it is easy to let go of your exercise routine during the lockdown. Juggling between work, homeschooling and mealtimes, you probably have a lot to accomplish in your day. With so much to do, making healthy meals can be easily overlooked. However, maintaining a healthy regime is very important during this period. Exercise, for instance, helps in releasing feel-good hormones that will boost your mood and help you stay productive. That is why it is necessary that you exercise regularly. Healthy meals are essential in giving you the right energy for your day. Try as much as possible to eat healthy meals; now that you have time for your vegetable garden, this shouldn’t be hard.

4.         Stay connected

Spending time indoors can be lonely. Even if you have your family with you, not seeing your friends can make you feel isolated. Thanks to technology, you can still keep in contact with your loved ones who are far and feel connected. Ensure that you slot time in your routine to video call your friends, use online chats and social media to stay connected. This will go a long way in ensuring that you are keeping your mind healthy.

5.         Visit the outdoors

Nature has a way of calming and relaxing our minds, helping us maintain good mental health, and stay productive. If you are in a place where going out is still permitted, you can get out for a hike or visit the nearby park. Remember to maintain a safe distance from other people and observe other government’s regulations while at it.


Finding a routine from what you are used to can be difficult. Do not beat yourself up if some days appear messed up than others. Instead, use the mistakes to structure your days better in the future. There are days that you will feel stressed and anxious, remember that you are not the only one and it is perfectly normal. Choose what feels comfortable with you and try as much as possible to keep a healthy routine.

Nora Price

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