3-Year-Old Girl Bakes, Delivers Over 1,000 Cookies to Frontline Heroes

by christiannewsjournal

Mia Villa, 3, is a cookie connoisseur and is using her expertise to bless frontline workers. The little chef bakes and delivers chocolate chip cookies to hospital staff, supermarket employees, veterinarians, fire and police departments in New York through Mia’s Cookie Jar.

“The world was feeling down and we needed some kindness,” mom Devin Villa of Stillwater, New York, told “Good Morning America.”

Mia also will include original artwork with every drop-off.


Villa shared with CBN News that her daughter is learning lessons from her adventures.

“I can see that she is learning through her play at home. She’s pretending to be all of these amazing people,” she said.

“Saving her stuffed animals from fires, curing their ‘boo boo’s’ with her doctor kit, or scootering around the house with her junior officer badge and saving them from danger.”

Mia also made K-9 cookies and delivered them to the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office, where she earned a junior officer badge. Mia’s Cookie Jar reported K-9 Resi loved her treats!

It is never too early for kids to learn about serving others.


“It’s truly amazing to see at such a young age how much they absorb. It’s just proof that it is never too early to teach them to be kind, grateful and to have a giving heart,” said Villa.

Thank you Mia and mom for spreading love and kindness in the world.

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