3 Innovative Ways to Commute to Work

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The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us that workers and their employees will eventually have to adopt work-from-home policies and flexible schedules. However, it is a bit of a reach to imagine that commuting will end entirely. Remote workers will still need to travel to their offices once in a while, plus there are workers whose job description cannot allow them to work from home.

Commuting eats a big chunk of most workers’ time, especially due to the crazy traffic experienced in most major cities. The world is experiencing an upsurge in car ownership, and that could precipitate even bigger traffic congestions in the future. Commutes will get longer and more tedious.

Commuting to and from work daily is never fun. It can ruin your day and render you unproductive at work, which precipitates workplace anxiety and stress. Plus, waiting in traffic for hours when you could be using that time to exercise or finish up on an assignment isn’t pleasant at all. That is unless you create a pleasant experience out of it, probably make commuting fun or convert it into a form of exercise. Here are 4 innovative ways you can make your daily commute to and from work fun and productive.

1.         Commute on an electric bike

An electric bike is pedal-assisted, so anyone can ride without breaking a sweat, regardless of their expert level. These bikes can attain a speed of up to 5mph, which is almost the same speed for most cars in most city highways. That is without forgetting that bikes are able to maneuver through traffic more easily compared to other wheeled vehicles. So, simply put, if you reside 5 miles from your workplace, you only need an hour to bike to work, which is more or less the same time you would be stuck in morning traffic.

For the one hour you will be on the bike, you will see more sights, smile to more people than when you are in a car, keep moving even when traffic halts so you don’t get bored, and get sufficient cardio exercise for the day. It is like hitting 5 birds with one stone. Note that even though ebikes are pedal-assisted, you still need to make some effort, move your body a bit, in order to get it moving. You are the one in charge of regulating the amount of help you get from the pedal assist, depending on how energetic you are feeling on a particular day. It is not as passive as riding a motorbike.

Unlike other wheeled vehicles, you don’t need a license to ride an e-bike. You don’t even need to take or pass any kind of test. All you need is a bike and probably a helmet for your protection. You can convert your regular bike into an e-bike using an e-bike kit, so you don’t have to worry about affordability.

2.         Electric scooters

Electric scooters are almost as effective as electric cars. They are not as fast as ebikes, but because they are smaller, they are able to get out of traffic faster. You can swerve through the smallest of spaces in a traffic jam. Another advantage of using an electric scooter, which applies to electric cars and bikes as well, is that their propulsion isn’t powered by gasoline. They run on rechargeable batteries, so they don’t pollute the environment. Lastly, these vehicles may not be effective exercise vessels, but you’d rather ride them than lead a sedentary lifestyle.

3.         Jog to work

Jogging to work is arguably the best form of exercise anyone could have, but they aren’t for everyone. You need to be extra careful not to collide with vehicles and other pedestrians if you live in a busy city or town. However, if you reside in a sparsely populated neighborhood, it will be best if you consider jogging.

Another barrier to jogging to work is that, because it is a full-body workout, it can get you really sweaty. But if there is a bathroom at your workplace, why not give jogging a shot? Just pack your day’s official outfit in a small backpack and get going. 

The last barrier is long distance. You definitely cannot jog for long distances. However, you can park your car a mile or two away from your office, or get off the train or bus, and jog the remaining distance.

Final Words: Meditate during long and tedious commutes If the three innovative ideas cannot work for you, for whichever reason, don’t allow the hustles of commuting affect your mental wellbeing. Take a bus or carpool and use the time you are stuck in traffic for meditation. At least the time will not have gone to waste.

Nora Price

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