3 Hymns You Should Share With Your Child

Exposing our kids to music can help with everything from their emotional development to their SAT scores. But exposing our children to music that points them back to Jesus and how much He loves them?

That’s priceless.

There are countless Christian CD’s, sites, and songs available to stream, but where do we start? One simple way is by teaching our kids songs that are easy to learn and sing (with us or on their own). Here are three timeless tunes packed with messages that will resonate with our kids and that might just strengthen our own faith while we sing with our kiddos:

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”

Kids worry about everything from the booboo on their knee to their missing stuffed animal. By singing the refrain of this classic hymn, “He’s got the whole world in His hands,” it reminds littles that God sees them. He’s holding them. This is something even the youngest toddler can visualize. They hold things in their hands all the time—blocks, blankets, blueberries. The flexibility of the verses is such that you can add in anything you like, “He’s got our turtle, Trevor, in His hands” or “He’s got Grandma and Grandpa in His hands.” Singing these words out loud is comforting and affirming. Our kids can picture God holding them. We can also visualize God’s enormous hands holding the people we love and care for, including our kiddos.

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“This Little Light of Mine”

Sometimes kids feel like no one is listening to their opinions or ideas. They can’t drive, don’t have access to money (besides maybe their allowance) and the younger kids don’t have phones, which everyone in an authority position seems to have and use. But the hymn, “This Little Light of Mine,” empowers children to do something, to take action—to let their lights shine. The lyrics remind our kids not to hide their light, not to let anyone blow out their light, and that they have the power to let their light shine around the world. When our kids are feeling like, “they’re just a kid,” and therefore aren’t capable of making changes or doing good, this hymn emboldens them to be the light of Christ everywhere they go.

“In the Garden”

My biggest prayer for my kids is that they will fully grasp how much Jesus loves them. The simple lyrics of the hymn, “In the Garden,” and He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own, are a beautiful vision of Jesus walking and talking with us in our daily lives. As our kids sing the words, they affirm that Jesus is with them, not just at church on Sunday mornings or during bedtime prayers, but as they go about their days, playing in the yard or walking across the playground. This song affirms to our kids that they belong to Jesus and that He is accessible to them here and now. It reminds us the same.

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