Arizona Border Crisis: Closed Port, Cartel Control, and Surging Migrant Numbers

By Robin Spradlin

by Danielle Dolin

The latest focal point of the ongoing border crisis has shifted to Arizona, where the international port of entry between Lukeville and Sonoyta, Mexico, has been closed since December 4th. This border crossing, crucial for tourists enjoying Mexico’s beaches and families visiting relatives across the border, plays a vital role in the local economy.

According to reports, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) closed the port of entry due to a large influx of illegal migrants to its east and west. Port agents were reassigned to handle the overwhelming surge of migrants. NBC reported that the Tucson sector processing centers are 130% above capacity. Despite additional manpower from federal agencies, such as air marshals and the National Guard, the flow of migrants from countries like Senegal, Bangladesh, China, and others continues to rise.

The CBP states that the region is controlled by Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, aiming to stretch border patrol capabilities thin, allowing the cartels to operate illegal businesses without interference.

In an exclusive interview with the Christian News Journal, retired border patrol agent Michael Meshier highlighted various issues, including the involvement of cartels, Mexican and Chinese authorities, the current U.S. administrations, drugs, guns, human trafficking, and connections with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

When asked about the possibility of crossing the border unassisted and the reported killings by cartels, Meshier stated, “Not a chance, and absolutely.” He explained that cartels claim ownership of sections of the border, justifying payment for crossing. Meshier noted that cartels, driven by competition and profit, engage in extortion and intimidation, with reported prices to cross the border ranging from $3,000 to $20,000 or more.

More than 60% of the 2,000-mile-long southern border lacks a physical barrier. Breitbart News recently reported that a 2017 Department of Homeland Security memo concluded that border walls are the most effective tool to stop illegal immigration.

Dale Wilcox, Executive Director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, stated, “This is vindication for those who supported physical barriers at the border and were disparaged by this administration.”

Robyn Spradlin is a freelance journalist working as a contributor for Christian News Journal covering news and politics on the national and state levels. She has worked as a copywriter for Victory News on the Victory Channel since 2022. Robyn has an BA in Communication Studies and MA in Journalism from Regent University and is a member of the Evangelical Press Association. She is an author, evangelistic minister and a musician. She lives in South Florida where she enjoys the outdoors when she’s not writing.

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