‪Bride of ISIS: Why women join Jihad‬

The attack in San Bernardino, California, has raised many questions, including why would a young woman, who was a mother of a 6-month-old, carry out such an evil act of terror?

Shannon Conley
Shannon Conley, a young 17-year-old native of Colorado, who decided to become an ISIS bride after converting to Islam.

“It is not a whole lot different than what propels men,” Dr. Anne Speckhard, an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University, told CBN News. “The lethal cocktail that makes a terrorist that I found is that there is almost always a group, there’s an ideology, there’s some level of social support, and then there’s individual vulnerabilities and these four things come together.”

Dr. Speckhard has interviewed more than 400 terrorists, their families, and supporters. She believes the terrorist couple may have been motivated by a perceived belief that America was at war with Islam and that they had a religious obligation to defend their faith.

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