Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Protests follow Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

Protests sprang up throughout the West Bank

JERUSALEM — U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sparked condemnation Thursday (Dec. 7) from global leaders and some Islamist groups. Trump announced the decision Wednesday and said the United States will relocate its embassy to …

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Same-sex marriage legalized in Australia and Austria

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s Parliament legalized same-sex marriage today (Dec. 7), following a court ruling doing the same in Austria two days earlier, the Associated Press reported. Churches and religious organizations in Australia are allowed under the new law to …

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Our parent, who art in Heaven …

Church of Sweden

The Church of Sweden last week told its clergy to avoid referring to God as male. The guidance, announced at the end of an eight-day meeting with church leadership, urged members to refrain from unnecessarily using terms like “the Lord,” …

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Fear of Islamist attacks cited for closing churches

Fear of Islamist attacks cited for closing churches

CAIRO, Egypt — Christian persecution continues in Egypt amid the terroristic slaughter of more than 300 Sufi Muslims during worship at a North Sinai mosque, Morning Star News reported. Weeks before the Nov. 24th attack at the Al-Rawdah Mosque, attributed …

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10 churches in India ordered to stop worshipping


NEW DELHI, India — Officials and police in Tamil Nadu state, India, have ordered 10 churches to discontinue worship services, sources said. Hindu extremists compelled state officials and police to issue orders to the churches in Coimbatore District to stop …

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Hungary steps up to fight persecution

Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Under Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s leadership, Hungary is taking the lead in helping persecuted Middle Eastern Christians. At a government-sponsored conference this month on the topic, Orban reminded attendees that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. …

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Al-Shabaab blamed for Somalia bombing killing 320-plus

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Al-Shabaab Islamic terrorists are responsible for a truck bomb that killed at least 320 and injured more than 400 in Mogadishu, Somalia Oct. 14, security officials told the Guardian hours later. While the al-Qaida affiliated group had …

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