Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Why atheists should mourn the loss of religious freedom

Religious Freedom

There was once a dream that was America.  Our early ancestors were willing to suffer great sacrifices, risking everything for a singular goal-freedom.  Victims of spiritually oppressive European regimes endured perilous journeys to our shores with hearts full of liberty’s …

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Robin Williams and depression

Robin Williams

I grew up loving Robin Williams. My favorite performance was his work portraying the magical genie in “Aladdin.” Surely Williams is one of the finest actors ever to appear on the silver screen. He moved millions to the extremes of …

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Media hype and same-sex parenting studies


Early this week, the Washington Post and several other media outlets reported on a study from the University of Melbourne in Australia that examined how children in same-sex homes compared to children in opposite-sex homes on several measures of health …

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