Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Religion and Inequality | What the secularists are missing

Churchgoing kids are less prone to risky behaviour.

Religion is good for you: emotionally, physically, and economically. Who knew? Not the secularists. In 2000, Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam published his groundbreaking book, “Bowling Alone.” Putnam argued that Americans’ reduced interest in civic engagement—by which he meant not only …

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The silent suffering of gay men | An unspoken epidemic

Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. False promises of love and personal fulfillment are no exception. Over a year and-a-half after the Obergefell decision, the debate over gay marriage and homosexuality has largely fizzled out: partly because of …

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Beauty and the Beast and our obsession with remakes

Beauty and the Beast

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” And we just keep retelling and re-singing it. I’m talking about the year’s biggest movie. In a segment on NPR last Wednesday, Bob Mondello documented the bizarre entertainment phenomenon known …

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Questioning Jesus’ existence


Ah, springtime. Flowers blooming, birds singing, and articles questioning the historicity of Jesus hitting the newsstands. Insurance company Geico has done a lot of funny commercials, but our editor at BreakPoint has a favorite. A group of teenagers are running …

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