Friday, May 26, 2017
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Beyoncé’s three hearts | Feelings don’t trump reality

Objective realities aren’t subject to feelings, but increasingly, that’s the verdict of our celebrity-driven culture. Just ask Beyoncé’s twins. With few exceptions, the entertainment industry is committedly pro-choice. Whether it’s Scarlett Johansson and others in a recent “Stand with Planned …

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A lack of compassion in India

child in India

‘World’s largest democracy’ clamps down on Christians. On January 13th, Compassion International told the sponsors of 130,000 Indian children that, barring an unlikely turn of events, it would cease operations in India in mid-March. The announcement came a year after …

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Political correctness is killing colleges

Fragile freshmen took to the streets following the presidential election. But at many schools, the politically-correct are upset about more than who’s moving into the White House. They’re demanding professors rewrite history itself to suit their feelings. Take the University …

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