Friday, May 26, 2017
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Fatherhood lost | How abortion affects men

On Father’s Day this Sunday, many dads will be blessed with colorful sweaters, loud ties, maybe a burned breakfast from their kids, and lots of hugs and kisses. But for some fathers out there, Father’s Day is a day of …

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Why abortion is really declining


“The right to choose” came in with a bang of Chief Justice Burger’s gavel, but it’s going out with a whimper. Since the Supreme Court invented a constitutional right in 1973 to kill babies in the womb, over 57 million …

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God is moving in China

Great Wall of China

In 1992, Bei Cun, considered to be one of China’s leading avant-garde writers, did something that really shocked his readers and admirers: He converted to Christianity. But given the explosive growth of Christianity in China, it shouldn’t be all that …

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Why Christian denominations aren’t going away

Trevin Wax

Summer is the time when many Protestant denominations hold annual or biennial meetings to assess the state of their union, make policy decisions, and figure out the best way to maximize their partnership. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church …

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Ritalin and the rat race


In professional sports, doping on performance-enhancing drugs can cost you your job. But the newest market isn’t on the field: It’s in the cubicle. There’s nothing like that feeling you get after a hard day’s work. Whether you run a …

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