Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The tyranny of the libido


The sex drive is a powerful natural force. Reasonably directed in proper context, it is a tremendous gift and blessing. Unrestrained, it can inflict great damage. In recent decades we have learned just how terrifyingly destructive the “liberated” libido can …

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Nothing harmless about a devil statue


According to C. S. Lewis, the Devil loves it when we give him attention . . . or disbelieve in him. Some folks in Detroit recently did both. Not a good idea. In the classic X-Files episode “Die Hand Die …

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China vs. the cross

Communist authorities are attempting to remove the cross from China. But Chinese Christians are responding in dramatic ways. The cross is, of course, the universal symbol of Christianity, and it speaks powerfully to God’s justice, mercy, power, and love. The …

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Why some conservative Christians like Donald Trump

Donald Trump

How is it possible for salt-of-the-earth, family-loving conservative Christians to be taken with a serial adulterer who won’t take back misogynistic comments and who publicly trumpets the fact that he doesn’t make mistakes that require God’s forgiveness? The rise of …

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Pornography and public health | Worse than we thought


When we hear the words “public health hazard,” we tend to think about smoking, toxic spills and infectious diseases. But what about pornography? In June, I [wrote] about the dangers of unfettered Internet use for kids over the summer. The …

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The prophetic voice of Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson

A new book, which is landing in bookstores today, warns that we are headed for a new Dark Ages. “Persecution [is] coming to the church soon,” the author warns. “It’s going to happen as a result of conflicts over sex.” …

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Who are we to judge?


Back in the 1980s, Herbert Stein, who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers under presidents Nixon and Ford, articulated what came to be known as “Stein’s Law”: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” What Stein had in …

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