Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Charlottesville, racism, and the Gospel

The nation is reeling from Saturday’s [Aug. 12] chaos in Charlottesville. The Church cannot sit this one out. The book of Revelation, chapter 7, gives us an extraordinary vision from God of the Kingdom of Heaven in its fullness: “a …

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Remembering what we have forgotten

National Monument to our Forefathers

You would not even know it is there if you were not intentionally searching for it. Concealed in a residential neighborhood on a windswept hill overlooking the bay in Plymouth, Massachusetts, like a silent sentinel, sits a national treasure unfamiliar …

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North Korea, nukes, and President Trump

U.S. intelligence now believes that North Korea—currently under the rule of a despicable, evil, irrational dictatorship—has capability to mount a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile. Kim Jong Un has said he’ll never give up his pursuit of nuclear …

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The witness of forgiveness

Ashlynn Bailey

The opioid epidemic is delivering tragedy and pain to families across the country. Here’s how one such family has responded in Christ.  On January 30, 2016, Ashlynn Bailey, a twenty-year-old from Pelham, Alabama, died from a drug overdose. As John …

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Good News about sharing the Good News

The great journalist Gilbert Keith Chesterton wrote of an Englishman who set out in a yacht, thought he had landed on a new island in the South Seas, and realized at last that he had discovered … England. Chesterton, you see, was that …

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“Hopecasting” in the midst of crisis

No matter the crisis, when Christians take the love of Jesus to the hurting and suffering, hope and transformation are sure to follow. In his new book “A Practical Guide to Culture,” my colleague John Stonestreet ends several chapters with …

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