Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Guns or Canes? China’s self-inflicted wound

Healthy economies need young workers. And thanks to its one-child policy, China is facing a less-than-rosy economic future. Here’s a lesson in demographics and worldview. It’s widely believed that China will supplant the United States as the leading power in …

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The Story of the Century | Christianity and Islam

Islam and Christianity

Despite appearances in our corner of the world, religion is not going extinct. Quite the contrary. Predictions by the likes of Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud that faith would vanish have turned out spectacularly wrong. Yes, in the West (particularly Europe) …

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Just what is an Evangelical anyway?

Six distinctives of evangelicalism

At the Justice Conference in Chicago, Russell Moore, challenged the 2,500 young evangelicals there to expand their notion of “justice” beyond the popular issues of helping immigrants and the victims of sex trafficking to include the dignity of human life, the rights …

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Will same-sex marriage will pave the way to polygamy?

“What harm would it do?” This was the question frequently asked by those who supported same-sex marriage. I sought to answer that question with a pamphlet that I wrote and the Family Research Council published, titled, “The Top Ten Harms …

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What does it mean to be an American?


Unlike other countries, America is not defined by a particular ethnic or religious group. Instead, our country was formed around an idea: liberty. But what does it take to maintain liberty? It’s a question I try to answer in my …

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