Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Joel Hunter to step down from Orlando megachurch

Joel Hunter

ORLANDO, Fla. — Megachurch pastor Joel Hunter, who tried to lead the nation’s evangelicals toward more moderate, center-right positions on issues such as climate change and immigration, is stepping down as leader of Northland, a Church Distributed, in Longwood, Fla. …

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Cabinet members study Bible together weekly

President Trump Cabinet meeting

Members of President Trump’s Cabinet attend a weekly Bible study, according to a new report. CBN News reported that once a week, about a dozen members of the Cabinet gather to study Scripture. Among those who regularly attend: Education Secretary Betsy …

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The back-to-school bathroom battle

gender-neutral bathroom

Transgender groups urge states to open public school restrooms based on gender identity.  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation last week that requires the state’s education department to push transgender-friendly policies in public schools. The law prevents schools from …

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Students sue school for hushing pro-life speech

Elizabeth Castro

Two students have filed a lawsuit against their Pennsylvania school district for the right to operate a pro-life club according to their proposed mission statement. The lawsuit came after the district refused to back down from requiring the club’s policies …

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Trump reverses Obama transgender military policy

Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — President Trump suddenly reversed military policy on transgender individuals today (July 26), announcing on Twitter the United States would not “accept or allow” people who identify as a different gender than their biological sex to serve in the …

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