Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Trump sworn in as 45th president

U.S. President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump placed his hand on two Bibles and took the oath of office in a swearing-in ceremony that featured prayers and pronouncements of God’s favor by the largest assortment of clergy in inaugural history. It also drew protests …

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Study says Trump deemed good for conservatives

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

Conservatives will gain influence under President-elect Donald Trump’s term, more than half of respondents polled in a Pew Research study believe. Conversely, Hispanics, the poor, and gays and lesbians will lose influence under Trump, a majority of those polled told …

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Abortion rate hits all-time low


WASHINGTON — The abortion rate in the United States declined to an all-time low, while the number of lethal procedures dropped below a million for the first time since 1975, according to a new report. The Guttmacher Institute reported Tuesday …

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Donald Trump to be sworn in on Lincoln, family Bibles

Lincoln Bible

When President-elect Donald Trump takes his oath of office on Inauguration Day, his hand will rest on his family Bible and the Abraham Lincoln Bible. Alex Stroman, the deputy director of communications for the 58th Inaugural Committee, confirmed the picks …

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University settles with Christian counseling student

Missouri State University (MSU) says it will pay $25,000 to a former student who was expelled for his views on homosexuality. The agreement settles a lawsuit filed last April by Andrew Cash, a former MSU graduate student who alleges the …

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StemExpress drops lawsuit against Planned Parenthood video

Cate Dyer

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) now faces one fewer lawsuit connected to its undercover recordings revealing Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities’ sale of aborted baby body parts. StemExpress, a human tissue procurement company, dropped its lawsuit aimed at …

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