Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Miracles from Heaven movie: Astonishing outcomes

Miracle from Heaven

The true story this film depicts is astonishing. A nine-year-old girl falls thirty feet, lands headfirst, sustains only minor scrapes and bruises, and leaves the hospital the next day. She says she visited heaven and sat in Jesus’ lap. Eventually, …

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Movie review: ‘God’s Not Dead 2’

“God’s Not Dead 2,” the sequel to the 2014 film about religious freedom of expression, reminds us that in an age when just about everything of a secular or sexual nature is freely discussed in the classroom, Jesus is not …

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Risen takes box office first place in new releases

Risen the movie

“Risen,” a film that tells of Jesus’ resurrection from the eyes of an unsaved soldier who participated in His crucifixion, opened in first place at the box office among new wide releases the weekend of Feb. 19–21, Box Office Mojo …

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Risen movie: Resurrection hoax?

Risen movie

Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead, or was his “resurrection” an elaborate hoax? Suppose you had been present at the events surrounding Jesus’ death, burial and alleged resurrection, and could study the evidence yourself. Suppose, as a skeptic, …

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‘Risen’ tells crucifixion from soldier’s eyes

Risen is the Biblical story of the Resurrection

“Risen,” a new movie distributed by Affirm Films, tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the perspective of a fictional unbelieving soldier whose investigation of the mystery leads to a personal encounter with Jesus. Opening in wide release …

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