Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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No word on missing Malaysian pastor

Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh

The family of a Malaysian pastor kidnapped more than four months ago has accused the police of undermining the investigation. Pastor Raymond Koh was exiting a highway on Feb. 13 when a convoy of black SUVs and motorcycles surrounded his …

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Religious, ethnic minorities face persecution in Kurdistan

Persecution of Yazidis

About 2 million people have fled to Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq, in recent years, escaping conflict, terrorism, and persecution in Syria and Iraq. Along with the Kurdish majority, minorities of Assyrian Christians, Yazidi, Sunni Arabs, Sunni and Shi’a Turks, and …

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London victims speechless with shock

London victims speechless

LONDON — People had their throats slashed from behind and endured violence so horrific they were left unable to speak in Saturday night’s murderous rampage by three jihadis in the heart of London, according to accounts still emerging two days …

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Terrorists on the rampage in the Philippines

Philippine terrorists

MINDANAO ISLAND, Philippines — Terrorists glorifying the Islamic State (IS) have killed at least 174 people including Christians in attacks on Marawi, Philippines, since May 23, the Fides Catholic news agency reported June 1. An early morning attack today (June …

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Egypt terror attack cited as call to prayer

Egypt terror attack

MINYA, Egypt ­— A terrorist attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt that left at least 28 people dead has been characterized as a call to action for believers in America. “We cannot ignore such sacrifice [by Egyptian Christians] and such …

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