Monday, October 23, 2017
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London victims speechless with shock

London victims speechless

LONDON — People had their throats slashed from behind and endured violence so horrific they were left unable to speak in Saturday night’s murderous rampage by three jihadis in the heart of London, according to accounts still emerging two days …

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Terrorists on the rampage in the Philippines

Philippine terrorists

MINDANAO ISLAND, Philippines — Terrorists glorifying the Islamic State (IS) have killed at least 174 people including Christians in attacks on Marawi, Philippines, since May 23, the Fides Catholic news agency reported June 1. An early morning attack today (June …

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Egypt terror attack cited as call to prayer

Egypt terror attack

MINYA, Egypt ­— A terrorist attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt that left at least 28 people dead has been characterized as a call to action for believers in America. “We cannot ignore such sacrifice [by Egyptian Christians] and such …

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Exploitation, graft thrive in Europe’s migrant crisis

migrant crisis

Italian authorities arrested 68 people, including a priest, for working with a mafia group to exploit millions of dollars of public funds that had been allocated to assist migrants at the country’s welcome center. The authorities also arrested the head …

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Sudanese pastor released after 17 months in prison

A Sudanese pastor and an activist who both received 12-year sentences for inciting hatred and espionage were released yesterday after getting a presidential pardon. Sudanese officials first arrested Rev. Hassan Taour and Abdumonem Abdumawla in December 2015, along with Czech …

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France rejects a third gender category

France’s highest court last week rejected the notion of a “neutral” gender. The ruling upheld a lower court’s decision denying a French citizen with a sex development disorder the right to use “neutral” as an official gender. The Cour de …

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