Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Syrian Christians stay behind to help their neighbors

Syrian Christians

SYRIA — With food and jobs scarce, and their savings depleted, Syrian Christians and their neighbors are struggling to provide for their families. Despite their own trauma, many believers are choosing to stay in their beleaguered communities and reach out …

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Northern Iraq in grave danger as winter approaches

KURDISTAN — Seasons are changing and summer’s heat is passing, but forcibly displaced families in northern Iraq are worried because winter will soon bring bitter cold, and many of them may not survive. When Islamic State of Iraq and Syria …

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Syrian refugees pass 3 million mark

The Syrian crisis reached a new milestone as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees counted more than 3 million officially registered refugees driven out by the conflict tearing the Middle Eastern country apart. As the crisis continues in its …

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Nigerian Christians: ‘We are on the run’


What ISIS has done in Iraq, Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria, according to a Nigerian cleric. The Rev Samuel Dali feels that the recent territorial gains made by Boko Haram in the northeast, signal the end of his home …

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New jihadi threat has Israel’s north border on alert

Golan Heights

GOLAN HEIGHTS, Israel — Less than a month after a ceasefire with Hamas took effect, Israel faces another threat on its northern border. In late August, the al Qaeda-linked group al-Nusra scored big gains against the Syrian army of President …

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Boko Haram gaining ground in Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria — Boko Haram’s incessant capture of villages in northeastern Nigeria is gaining attention from United States and United Nations security officials, who say the terrorists’ victories are troubling and pose a serious threat to Nigeria’s overall security. The …

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