Friday, April 28, 2017
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Born-again babies | Saved by surgery in the womb

1,400 fetal operations

Did you know that babies can be born again? No, it’s not theology I’m talking about but science, and the implications are enormous. While in her mother’s womb, Lynlee Boemer developed an exceedingly rare tumor that grows near the tailbone …

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Salvation history in one hymn


One of the best summations of God’s promises to Israel and mankind is as close as your nearest hymnal. I want you to imagine yourself in a monastery in the eighth century. It is December 17th and you’ve gathered with …

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Religious freedom and sexual freedom laws

Gender Identity laws

When it comes to religious freedom, we face two equal and opposite temptations. But neither will do in the face of our current challenges. We often talk about the ongoing struggle between religious freedom and so-called “sexual freedom.” Today, religious …

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Is a challenge to Roe v. Wade a heartbeat away?

Heartbeat Law

Will Roe v. Wade always be the law of the land? Some Ohio legislators don’t think so. Here’s news about that state’s “heartbeat” law and why it matters. On December 7th, the Ohio legislature passed a law that would outlaw …

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Dear teens, virginity is good for you | Here’s why

virginity is good

Teens who abstain from sex are healthier than those who don’t. Once again, research backs up the life-giving moral claims of a Christian worldview. Young people who wait until after the wedding have a better chance for a stable, fulfilling, …

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Too much Christmas, too little Advent?


Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted it to be Christmas every day of the year. A fairy granted her wish: every day, for a whole year, it would be Christmas Day. And what that little …

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SCOTUS: What a difference election day makes!

Supreme Court

The next president will very likely have the opportunity to make two to three appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Before the election, many conservatives, even those somewhat leery of a Trump presidency, were urging others …

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Advent, sacred time, and worldview


It is time to prepare for Christmas. But I don’t mean at the shopping mall. I mean sacred preparation. Sunday [Nov. 27] marks the beginning of Advent, the time historically “set aside by the Church to help believers prepare to …

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