• Keep kids with parents at border — and remember how we got here

    Last week during the height of the media’s fixation on the United States’ southwestern border, some accused the evangelical leaders who advise President Trump, of whom I’m one, of staying silent about children being separated from their parents. While this…

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  • Tel Abel Beth Maacah

    Biblical history in your hands

    Second Samuel 20 tells the story of a short-lived rebellion against the rule of King David led by a Benjamite named Sheba, a kinsman of David’s predecessor, Saul. It’s a short, almost enigmatic, tale involving, among other things, cloistered concubines,…

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  • Iraq refugee

    Aid the Iraqi Christians

    For too long the U.S. government has done too little to aid Iraqi Christians. That has to change. It takes courage to be a Christian in Iraq, more courage than I or I’d bet most of us can even imagine.…

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  • Anthony Bourdain, suicide, and us | A wake-up call for the church

    An epidemic of staggering and tragic proportions is sweeping the country. And Christians are not immune. This man seemed to have it all. Celebrity chef, TV travel dude, and author Anthony Bourdain circled the globe, going to exotic places, eating…

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  • Making abortion unthinkable

    To quote a friend: The goal of the pro-life movement should be to make abortion unthinkable–not just illegal. Let me explain why. Ever since Roe v. Wade, and especially in recent years, pro-lifers are making dramatic legislative gains in restricting abortion.…

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  • D-Day

    The spiritual battle on D-Day

    Many of us know about D-Day through films like “Saving Private Ryan.” But no film has ever told the story of another great battle that took place that day. June 1944. A tense and tired world is awaiting word of…

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  • 1,500 “missing” children | Let’s talk about the real problem

    You may have heard the government has lost 1,500 kids who crossed the border illegally. That’s not really the case, and it misses the real outrage. The most-discussed story in the news recently has been about the 1500 “missing” children.…

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  • embryo

    Untangling assisted reproductive technology

    Sometimes premarital counseling includes conversations about having children. But what about conversations about not being able to have children? You want to have a child, but it’s not happening. The doctor returns heartbreaking news: You or your spouse has reduced fertility. Any…

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  • Israel and Iran on the brink?

    Are Israel and Iran on the brink of war? It’s a hugely important question from a confusing part of the world. I’ll try to bring a bit of clarity. The Middle East is a complicated place—okay, that’s what’s known as…

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  • Boy Scouts

    What we lose when we lose the Boy Scouts

    The Boy Scouts have marked yet another milestone on their journey away from being the organization it once was. Last week, the Boy Scouts announced it would drop the word “boy” from its name. In a clarification in response to…

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