Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Science, God, and the improbability of life

New life

This past Christmas, the Wall Street Journal ran an essay of mine entitled “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” The content will be familiar to those who have read my latest book, “Miracles.” I noted that the initial euphoria …

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New year, old resolution: Defend religious liberty


If you’re like six in ten Americans, you make New Year’s resolutions at least some of the time. According to the website Statistic Brain, the top five resolutions are: losing weight, getting organized, spending less and saving more, enjoying life …

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Old Age, happiness, and virtue


When you hear the words “old age,” what comes to mind? In cultures gone by, it meant wisdom, sage, elder, respect. But today in our youth-obsessed culture, we tend to think of “decline,” “frailty,” “sickness,” and “death.” Many believe that …

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The other right: Kids need a mom and a dad

Babies need a mother and a father.

Writing in The Atlantic recently, David Frum acknowledges that the abortion rate has come down, and that most Americans now consider themselves to be pro-life. But the magazine’s senior editor manages to find a dark lining in this silver cloud. …

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The torture report: Violating human dignity

Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a 500-page executive summary of its 6,000-page report on the CIA’s use of torture. Before I proceed, let me stipulate that, like everything else in Washington, the report and the responses to it, …

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