Friday, April 28, 2017
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Political correctness is killing colleges

Fragile freshmen took to the streets following the presidential election. But at many schools, the politically-correct are upset about more than who’s moving into the White House. They’re demanding professors rewrite history itself to suit their feelings. Take the University …

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Persecution and ‘evil in the heavenly realms’


In America, increasing numbers of people in our colleges and in the media are worried about various “micro-aggressions” and “insensitivities.” So those who find themselves so offended by the words of others can repair to a designated “safe space,” where …

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Are you a dangerous Christian?


How far can Christianity be reduced before it’s no longer Christianity? We need to be able to answer that question with a firm answer. One of C. S. Lewis’ most famous arguments is his so-called “trilemma,” laid out in “Mere …

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Real history, toilets and all

synagogue in Magdala

Just before or after New Year’s, everyone—or at least so it seems—comes out with a “Best of” list. These best-known lists can contain movies, music, television shows, books, whatever. But there are other “Best of” lists worth noting and worth …

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New Year, same issues, eternal hope


Many people are glad 2016 is behind us, and I understand why. But of course, the issues that made last year a struggle are not behind us. Let me explain. We talk a lot on BreakPoint about what the French …

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The decline of Christianity in the West

After sitting on my reading list for almost two years, I finally cracked open Mary Eberstadt’s book “How The West Really Lost God,” and I regret not reading it sooner. I don’t normally review books on this blog, but as …

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What Child is this?

baby jesus

There is only one baby who was born to be the Savior of the world. This Child was sent from heaven on a divine search-and-rescue mission — and meeting Him must be our ultimate goal in life. Who is this …

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