Friday, April 28, 2017
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Marriage redefined: Young evangelicals in crisis


What does the rising generation of young evangelicals think about marriage? Here’s the troubling truth. For five years, Dr. Abigail Rine has been teaching a course on gender theory at George Fox University, an evangelical school in the Quaker tradition. …

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Fewer Christians?


The headline of the New York Times was “Big Drop in Share of Americans Calling Themselves Christian.” It was a story reporting on a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. According to the survey, “The Christian share of the …

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Families are unfair! A devil’s definition of equality


“Equality” is one of the watchwords of our time. It’s invoked in nearly every political, ethical, and increasingly, social discussion. And lately, it’s gone completely off the rails. Once upon a time, “equality” was the rallying cry of patriots and …

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You gotta have a purpose


Want to start an argument? Bring up religion or politics. Want to start a thoughtful discussion? Mention purpose! New York Times columnist David Brooks, who was one of Chuck Colson’s favorites, has a new column that I think Chuck would …

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Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?


The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations among church leaders. A generation ago, many Americans would have been considered “nominal” in their devotion. Today, many …

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