Monday, October 23, 2017
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Good News about sharing the Good News

The great journalist Gilbert Keith Chesterton wrote of an Englishman who set out in a yacht, thought he had landed on a new island in the South Seas, and realized at last that he had discovered … England. Chesterton, you see, was that …

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“Hopecasting” in the midst of crisis

No matter the crisis, when Christians take the love of Jesus to the hurting and suffering, hope and transformation are sure to follow. In his new book “A Practical Guide to Culture,” my colleague John Stonestreet ends several chapters with …

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Time to thicken up the church

thick church

Are our churches truly leaving a mark on people? Or another way to think about it: Are our churches thick or thin? What’s the difference between a job and a vocation? Or a collection of people and a team? Well, …

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When charity is labeled “hate”

The culture war has a new front: philanthropic giving. That is, charity. And Christians, once again, are in the crosshairs. Even if you’ve never heard of Guidestar, trust me, philanthropists are very familiar with the organization. Guidestar’s stated mission is …

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The continuing triumph of faith

Ever hear the old saw that religious people are on the wrong side of history? It isn’t true. Turns out, we’re on the right side of the future as well. A year ago, National Geographic told readers that “religion is …

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The Collapse of Evangelicalism?

After same-sex marriage was judicially imposed on America in 2015, I joined many who predicted that cultural pressure against the biblically faithful Christian church would increase. It did. One of the burning questions in my mind has been not whether …

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