Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Muslim refugees meet Jesus | God at work in the midst of crisis

Muslim refugees meet Jesus

We’ve seen the video clips of Muslim refugees—many of them from war-torn Syria—flooding into an unprepared and overwhelmed Europe. We’ve heard accounts of some of these refugees committing ugly crimes and others demanding that the post-Christian societies that welcome them …

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Men not at work | The church and combatting joblessness


Demographers and economists say American men are facing an epidemic of epic proportions: joblessness. We’ve all seen the signs on highways and other construction sites around the country: “Men at Work.” Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, those signs are …

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The election is coming | So’s the day after

The election is coming

Well, perhaps you’ve heard: there’s an election next week. And I’ve never seen the nation or the Church more divided over politics. For the most part, evangelicals are angrily—and I do mean angrily—split over whether to vote for one of …

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Angel Tree restores families

Angel Tree

It was back in the 1990s when I was practically a kid writer at BreakPoint that I first heard about Prison Fellowship’s amazing Angel Tree program. I was moved by how much Chuck Colson and the Prison Fellowship staff poured …

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No pooh-poohing biblical history | Lachish latrine

Tel Lachish in the Judean foothills

Once again archaeology confirms biblical history. The late Chuck Colson was known for many things: his role in the Watergate scandal, his subsequent conversion to Christ; his work with prisoners around the world, and his efforts in promoting a Christian …

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Americans fail theology 101

Failing grade

Could you pass a basic theology quiz? Several thousand Americans just tried. Uh-oh. Too bad God doesn’t grade on a curve. One thing is certain: Americans love the Bible. A recent report from The American Bible Society and Barna Group …

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