• Forty-Four brothers and sisters

    Forty-Four brothers and sisters | What personal autonomy has wrought

    When sex is divorced from marriage and procreation, bad things happen.  Of the many cases that prove this point, here’s another. A recent story in the Washington Post described the story of Kianni Arroyo, who is on a three-year quest to meet…

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  • Daniel and Amy McArthur

    UK high court backs the bakers | It’s called faith, not discrimination

    The supreme court just handed Christian bakers a major religious freedom victory. No, not our Supreme Court. Last Wednesday, Britain’s highest court unanimously ruled in favor of a Christian bakery that declined to create a cake that expressed support for…

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  • assisted suicide

    The deadly Canadian ‘M.A.I.D.’ | The expansion of assisted suicide

    How is it that a nation known for its politeness has become so committed to killing its most vulnerable citizens? In a horrifying scene from “The Man in the High Castle,” Amazon Prime’s sci-fi dystopian series where the Nazis won…

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  • The church in Lake Iznik | A faith that outlasts the ages

    A discovery in Turkey [the church in Lake Iznik]  reveals a faith that has endured the ages, outlasting persecution, heretics…and even rising water. One of my favorite things to talk about is biblical archaeology. It’s inspiring to see the events…

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  • Ten Commandments

    Should we unhitch from the Ten Commandments?

    Is all the Bible relevant to a Christian worldview? One well-known pastor recently suggested it isn’t. But I beg to differ. What’s the only passage in Scripture personally written down by God? If you answered “the Ten Commandments,” you’re right…

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  • Andrew Stoecklein

    A pastor’s suicide | An all-too familiar story

    This is getting to be an all-too-familiar story. On August 26, Andrew Stoecklein, the lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California, took his own life. He was only thirty years old. Stoecklein was married and had three children.…

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  • All the cool girls are transitioning | An epidemic of teenage gender confusion

    Peer pressure almost never pushes teenagers to good places. Recently, it’s been pushing them to the gender clinic. We’ve all seen teenagers—especially girls—adopt new fashions en masse. Their friends are doing it, so they do too. It’s true of music, clothes, those…

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  • Willow Creek Community Church

    How Willow Creek exposed our sins

    The past few months have been filled with stories of pastoral failure — for Protestants and Catholics alike. These stories inundate our social media feeds, causing outrage and heartache but rarely self-reflection. Once in a while, however, a story hits…

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  • When LGBT families come to church

    It’s not a matter of if your church and pastor will face these kinds of questions. It’s a matter of when. Here’s a scenario: a same-sex couple or someone openly living in a same-sex relationship starts to attend your church. Maybe they’ve got…

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  • Apatheism

    Beware of apatheism!

    With apologies to Richard Dawkins, the New Atheists are old news. But we’ve got a bigger problem. You remember them, don’t you? Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris? These so-called “New Atheists” drew crowds with their bombastic…

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