Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Evolutionary scientist admits theory’s major flaws

Gerd Müller, a highly regarded Austrian evolutionary theorist, recently gave a presentation, published in Interface Focus, in which he admitted Charlies Darwin’s theory largely avoids explaining how life originated and how complexity developed. Müller did not espouse any creationist or …

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White House rescinds Dreamers program

Samuel Rodriguez

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced the repeal of a program that has protected people brought illegally to the United States as children by their parents, but it also provided a window of time for Congress to act in response. …

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New charges against pastor jailed in Turkey

Andrew Brunson

IZMIR, Turkey — American pastor Andrew Brunson faces new charges punishable by four consecutive life imprisonments in an Izmir, Turkey, prison. The Presbyterian pastor formerly of North Carolina is now accused of espionage aimed at overthrowing the Turkish Parliament and …

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Ministry sues over ‘hate group’ label

Alliance Defending Freedom

One Christian ministry has had enough of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s disparaging “hate group” characterization. D. James Kennedy Ministries filed a lawsuit Aug. 23 in an Alabama federal court alleging the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) “trafficked in false …

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Trump puts evangelical advisers in a difficult spot

President Donald Trump at Liberty University

How should members of the presidential advisory board respond post-Charlottesville? Some of President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers think he could have responded better to the Aug. 12 violence in Charlottesville, Va., but say ultimately they don’t expect him to heal …

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Transgender education in a kindergarten classroom

kindergarten classroom

ROCKLIN, Calif. — A months-long debate on parental consent for controversial education topics continues in California after a teacher introduced a kindergartener as transgender and read classmates two books on transgenderism. The teacher told parents at an Aug. 22 board …

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Disaster relief begins in Houston as Harvey heads east

Texas National Guard

HOUSTON— As Hurricane Harvey heads east, disaster relief organizations have begun deployment to provide assistance to the state of Texas. The rain from Hurricane Harvey has become the heaviest tropical down pour in U.S. history. Residents in the nation’s fourth …

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