Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Antiquities sales in Israel under scrutiny

Israeli archaeologists

JERUSALEM — The arrest of five antiquities dealers who allegedly sold Hobby Lobby illegally obtained ancient artifacts has shone a spotlight on the sale of antiquities in Israel and revived questions about the ethics of the trade in general. On …

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Survey spotlights American views on sin

According to a study released today (Aug. 15), two-thirds of Americans (67 percent) say they are sinners. And most people apparently aren’t too happy about it — only 5 percent say they have no desire to mend their ways. As …

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Parents take fight against school bullying to court

school bullying

Two families, one in New Jersey and the other in Ohio, are suing their local school districts after their children committed suicide. In both cases, the parents say school officials ignored relentless bullying that contributed to their children’s deaths. Mallory …

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Veteran sues Air Force over free speech investigation

Veteran Oscar Rodriguez

Attorneys for veteran Oscar Rodriguez, forcibly dragged from a friend’s retirement ceremony over his planned speech, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force on July 27 for refusing to turn over the results of its investigation into the incident. …

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Chromecast, Apple TV give safest viewing options for kids

LOS ANGELES — Among popular video entertainment services, Google Chromecast and Apple TV provide the safest viewing options for children and their parents, the Parents Television Council said in its latest research. Popular streaming video on demand (SVOD) and over-the-top …

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School district learns a free speech lesson

What began as a demonstration against abortion in front of a Pennsylvania high school became a lesson in constitutionally protected free speech for Downingtown Area School District students and staff. A Holocaust symposium at Downingtown West High School on April …

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Getting ready for the student loan bubble to burst

student loan crisis

Amid all the other drama in Washington, one major higher education crisis isn’t getting enough attention: the student loan bubble. Analyst Daniel Pianko believes the United States is on the cusp of the largest subprime lending bubble since the mortgage …

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Judge nixes plan to trade jail time for sterilization

Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville

A Tennessee county judge rescinded a controversial offer to reduce jail time for prisoners who agreed to undergo sterilization procedures or implant long-acting birth control. Judge Sam Benningfield introduced the plan in May. Male prisoners were offered free vasectomies and …

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Court signals religious freedom victory for artist

Amy Lawson

MADISON, Wisc. — A self-employed evangelical Christian photographer can reject job requests based on her religious beliefs against same-sex marriage, a Wisconsin county court and government officials have agreed. Judge Richard Niess of the Dane County Circuit Court agreed Monday …

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