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  • Robby and Tim Tebow.

    Run the Race movie: dreams, despair, romance, redemption

    Ever had a dream die? Or a loved one? Perhaps you struggle with why bad things sometimes happen to good people. Maybe you enjoy romance, brotherly bonds, or football. If so, this film should appeal to you. Run the Race…

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  • Least of These

    ‘Least of These’ film opens February 1

    A missionary’s murder that shocked the world 20 years ago is the focus of the “Least of These” movie opening in theaters this weekend — and its filmmakers hope the project helps spark a renewed interest in long-term missions. “The…

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  • Carmen Sandiego

    Educational ‘Carmen Sandiego’ tops February streaming lineup

    My four young children love cartoons. All cartoons. I, on the other hand, only like certain cartoons — you know, the ones that are largely void of potty humor and violence. And if it teaches them something educational, that’s even…

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  • Priscalla Shirer

    The 10 best family-friendly films of 2018

    Let’s face it: It can be difficult to find a movie that the whole family can watch. Thankfully, though, there were quite a few family-friendly films released in theaters in 2018. Here are my favorite 10: Paddington 2 (PG) —…

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  • Series of Unfortunate Events

    ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ leads new streaming entries

    My children aren’t allowed to watch horror movies. Or scary movies. Or anything that might possibly give them nightmares. I have theological problems with many films in that genre, and practical problems, too. I like to sleep. But in recent…

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  • Keith and Kristyn Getty

    Christmas with the Gettys

    December is an especially busy time for Christian music artists Keith and Kristyn Getty. The couple, known for the modern hymn “In Christ Alone,” have been in the midst of their eighth annual Christmas tour. But Keith was quick to…

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  • REVIEW: ‘Buttons’ is a fun, feel-good musical

    REVIEW: ‘Buttons’ is a fun, feel-good musical

    If Dick Van Dyke is singing and dancing in a movie, then you can guarantee I’m ready to watch it. So it’s no surprise that I jumped at the chance to watch his latest film, Buttons, in which he plays…

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  • Awe-inspiring ‘Blue Planet II’ leads December streaming lineup

    King David likely would have enjoyed watching nature documentaries on television. After all, he’s the one who told us “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) and that mountain peaks and seas fit in “God’s hands” (Psalm 95:4-5).…

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  • "Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey"

    Billy Graham’s ‘Extraordinary Journey’ debuts

    The late Billy Graham called himself an “ordinary messenger of the Kingdom of God,” but his legacy as “America’s pastor” is unique. Graham’s ministry of nearly 80 years is chronicled in the new documentary “Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey,” available…

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  • Overcomer

    Teaser trailer released for Kendricks’ ‘Overcomer’

    The filmmaking tandem behind the faith-based movies “War Room” and “Courageous” have released a teaser trailer for their next movie, “Overcomer,” which will hit theaters in August 2019 and spotlight the believer’s identity in Christ. The 90-second trailer includes cast…

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