Monday, July 24, 2017
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Dunkirk movie: WW2 mayhem and miracles


When your back’s against the wall, and the enemy’s closing in fast, and all hope appears lost, it might be a good time to consider praying. That’s what faced England in May 1940. In early World War 2, Hitler’s war …

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4 new Bible films use word-for-word approach

Bible films

British director David Batty was busy on a project several years ago when he received a phone call from a producer, Hannah Leader, who had an ambitious request. “I want to make a film about the Bible,’” she told him. …

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Family-friendly ‘Cars 3’ full of life lessons

Remember Lightning McQueen — the Piston Cup racecar champion who nearly always won and “ate losers for breakfast”? Of course. Everyone does. Except Lightning McQueen. “Did I used to say that?” he asks at the beginning of the new movie …

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Notable July movies and DVD releases

Spider-Man: Homecoming (PG-13 / July 7) – We’ve all heard of reboots. But a reboot of a reboot? That’s what Sony and Marvel will give us with the latest Spider-Man film, which is the sixth live-action movie and the second …

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Wonder Woman movie: Want her on your side?

She deflects speeding bullets with her bracelets, swan dives off a tall cliff to rescue an Army officer who’s crash landed in the ocean, and dazzles with spectacular sword-and-shield combat moves. Her golden lasso compels you to tell the truth. …

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ABC jilts conservative viewers

Last Man Standing

The network says cancelling Last Man Standing wasn’t political. Time will tell. After ABC yanked conservative comedian Tim Allen’s sitcom off the air, he is hoping to still claim the “last man standing” title on another TV network. When it …

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