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Involved dads save daughters from risky behavior

father and daughter

A new study shows girls with engaged, present fathers are less likely to look for love in promiscuous sex. Quality time with Dad decreases a daughter’s propensity for risky sexual activity, according to a study released last month. The study, …

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Overdoses hit close to home | What to do?


An opioid epidemic is ravaging communities across America. What can we Christians do about it? A recent edition of the New Yorker contained one of the saddest collection of stories I’ve ever read. The article described in detail the devastating …

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Civility now | Our democracy depends on it


Democracy requires that citizens actually talk with each other. When we’re no longer capable of that, things fall apart. If there’s an emblem of the hysteria gripping American politics these days, it might just be comedienne Kathy Griffin holding what …

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