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4 new Bible films use word-for-word approach

Bible films

British director David Batty was busy on a project several years ago when he received a phone call from a producer, Hannah Leader, who had an ambitious request. “I want to make a film about the Bible,’” she told him. …

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Family-friendly ‘Cars 3’ full of life lessons

Remember Lightning McQueen — the Piston Cup racecar champion who nearly always won and “ate losers for breakfast”? Of course. Everyone does. Except Lightning McQueen. “Did I used to say that?” he asks at the beginning of the new movie …

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Texas shields Christian adoption agencies from bias suits


New law allows faith-based groups to adhere to Biblical family standards. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation June 15 that protects faith-based foster and adoption care agencies from lawsuits challenging their Biblically based operational standards. Facing the threat of ruinous …

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No word on missing Malaysian pastor

Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh

The family of a Malaysian pastor kidnapped more than four months ago has accused the police of undermining the investigation. Pastor Raymond Koh was exiting a highway on Feb. 13 when a convoy of black SUVs and motorcycles surrounded his …

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The continuing triumph of faith

Ever hear the old saw that religious people are on the wrong side of history? It isn’t true. Turns out, we’re on the right side of the future as well. A year ago, National Geographic told readers that “religion is …

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Will Nikki Haley succeed in reforming of the UNHRC?

Nikki Haley

In 1945, The United Nations replaced the ineffective League of nations in hope of preventing another world war. The intention was honorable and in its inceptive years, the United Nations were very influential in a positive way. One example is without a …

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