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Transhumanists and the quest for godhood


What do cyborgs, vampires, and bowhead whales have in common? History tells us that when victorious generals in ancient Rome returned home, they would hold triumphal processions through the streets. Singers, dancers, and adoring citizens would shower the general with …

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Texas conservatives take on transgender restroom fight

Dan Patrick

The spotlight of the transgender debate is about to shine bright on Texas, where conservative lawmakers are bracing to continue the fight started in North Carolina last year. The Texas legislature introduced a bill last month requiring all government facilities, …

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Will high court still hear transgender restroom case?

gender identity

New directive for schools on single-sex facilities creates uncertainty for upcoming Supreme Court arguments. A Supreme Court case on transgender access to school restrooms and locker rooms could still go forward next month, even though the Trump administration announced on Feb. 22 …

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Central African Republic tries to curb religious war crimes

Christian church in the Central African Republic

Prosecutor appointed after a Christian neighborhood was attacked. Christians and rights groups have said Central African Republic’s appointment of a prosecutor to bring war criminals to justice will help restore peace in the country. Christians and other civilians have died …

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Hippies turn against free speech

Do you remember the good old days, when liberals believed in the freedom of speech? The University of California Berkeley is arguably the birthplace of the free speech movement. Indeed, beginning in 1960’s UC Berkeley was one of the epicenters …

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Trump rescinds transgender bathroom order

gender-neutral bathroom

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era directive that advised schools to open bathrooms and locker rooms to students based on their perceived sexual identity or risk losing federal funding. The new ruling leaves bathroom use policies to …

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Congress fails to act on assisted suicide

WASHINGTON — Physician-assisted suicide officially has a new home in the wake of congressional inaction, and its proponents are pushing more jurisdictions to legalize the lethal practice. The District of Columbia’s Death With Dignity Act went into effect Feb. 18 …

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