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Colorado voters may legalize assisted suicide

WASHINGTON — Colorado may be on the verge of becoming the latest state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. The state’s voters will decide the fate of a ballot initiative Nov. 8 that would enable doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to people …

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Could UNESCO’s vote justify a third Intifada?

Temple Mount, Israel

In a series of moves that clearly indicate contempt for both Christianity and Judaism, UNESCO voted to erase all Jewish connection from the Temple Mount. The decision didn’t happen in a vacuum as UNESCO has a history of anti-Israel bias, …

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Religious persecution endangers Christian refugees in Germany

Refugees in Germany

The situation of Christian refugees in German shelters is “unbearable” according to an updated report released in October and co-authored by Open Doors Germany. The report documents 743 cases of discrimination, death threats, and physical assaults against Christians by Muslim …

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Piniella rejects notion of Cubs’ curse

Lou Piniella

CHICAGO — With the Chicago Cubs hoping to break the so-called “Curse of the Billy Goat” and win their first World Series since 1908, former Cubs manager Lou Piniella and longtime Cubs fan Mark Coppenger say their Christian worldviews lead …

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Healthcare providers oppose HHS transgender mandate


WASHINGTON — Thousands of healthcare providers and eight states are challenging a new federal rule that requires doctors to perform gender transition procedures or treatments even on children. The latest transgender directive from the Obama administration mandates physicians carry out …

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