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U.S. internet change could threaten religious liberty


When the U.S. government relinquishes control of a nonprofit organization that oversees internet domain names, a software engineering professor says, the potential for religious liberty violations could increase. Since 1998, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has …

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Roy Moore suspension said to ignore ‘rule of law’

Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Although the nine-judge panel charged with trying Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore did not achieve the unanimous ruling required to remove him from office, it suspended him without pay for the remainder of his term in what …

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On God and the Bible, Americans are all over the map

Americans apparently don’t know much about theology, according to a study released today (Sept. 28). Most say God wrote the Bible. But they’re not sure everything in it is true. Six in 10 say everyone eventually goes to heaven, but …

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Modern Family debuts transgender child character

Modern Family

An 8-year-old girl who lives as a transgender boy will appear on the Sept. 28 episode of ABC’s Modern Family, portraying a transgender friend of Lily, the daughter of the show’s leading gay couple, the series’ director has announced. Modern …

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See You At the Pole launches ‘I Am Hope’ outreach

See You At the Pole

An estimated million or more students in the U.S. and 63 foreign countries publicly gathered around school flagpoles this morning (Sept. 28) and prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ. The annual See You At the Pole (SYATP) interdenominational Christian outreach …

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