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Is There a Europe without Christianity?

Europe church

Is Europe a continent? This is not a trick question. Geographers and historians aren’t quite sure. Not for reasons having to do with “political correctness” or other ideological controversies, but because of geography. With the other six continents—Asia, Africa, Australia, …

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House panel documents strike at abortion clinic claims

Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON — Denials by Planned Parenthood and its allies of profiteering in the fetal tissue business have received a blow from congressional investigators. A House of Representatives panel offered evidence at an April 20 hearing that abortion clinics profit from …

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Our identity is in Christ

Canterbury Cathedral

Here’s a story that reminds us we never have to question who we are. Or, I should say, Whose we are. By any reasonable standard, Justin Welby’s life story is a compelling one. Born into what he describes as a …

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Planned Parenthood seeks transgender market

Is sex-change treatment Planned Parenthood’s new moneymaker? While pro-life legislation chips away at its taxpayer-based revenue, the nation’s leading abortion provider might have found a new cash cow. At 32 of its centers in 10 states, Planned Parenthood now offers …

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Atheists plan billboards against Ark museum

Ark Encounter

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. — A small group of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana atheists has launched a campaign to buy billboards mocking the message of the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter museum and its July 7 opening. The 1,500-member Tri-State Freethinkers have …

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Evangelicals: We don’t have all the answers

Jim Daly and gay activist Ted Trimpa

DENVER — In the early 1990s, the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family raised the ire of LGBT groups by backing Colorado’s Amendment 2, a measure — ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court — that would have allowed …

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