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Summer, kids, and the internet

Child at computer

Summer was the time we often got in trouble outside…Today, there’s plenty of trouble that kids are getting into inside…and online. I recently heard about a pastor’s wife near St. Louis who discovered that her good-natured son had been contacted …

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State resistance to marriage ruling dissipates

Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage nationwide, all 50 states have begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and instances of publicized resistance by government officials seem confined largely to the South. Some gay …

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Judge blocks Kansas dismemberment abortion ban

unborn baby

A Kansas District Court judge granted a temporary injunction this morning blocking the Kansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. Kansas was the first state in the nation to ban the dilation and extraction (D&E) procedure, the most common …

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A call for Christian courage


Things appeared bleak. The righteous cause was at a critical crossroads. Opposition was fierce. Many in the culture, including some fellow Christian leaders, were not applauding his just and noble struggle. Would hate win? Languishing in a Birmingham jail, the …

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Gay weddings: who must perform them?

WASHINGTON — Legal opinions vary widely on what the U.S. Supreme Court’s mandate of nationwide same-sex marriage will mean for pastors and government officials authorized to perform weddings. Some legal experts say government officials charged with performing weddings could lose …

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Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal nationwide


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court transformed the legal definition of marriage Friday (June 26), legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. In a 5-4 decision, the high court ruled states must recognize marriages between people of the same sex, providing a new …

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Ebola lingers, ministry in West Africa continues


WEST AFRICA — Basic human interaction — simply reaching out to shake someone’s hand — had to change. Christian workers shared how survival has depended on it. James Burch*, who serves in West Africa, has seen Ebola reach his doorstep …

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